Hilde Festerling





Senator Fatcat And the Terrier Sisters

Episode Two: Chocolate is Bad For Dogs An All-Ages Comic and Radioplay by Hilde Festerling

The Wait is Over! Episode Two Available Now!

-Episode Two: Chocolate is Bad For Dogs $8 -Episode One: Salted Butter is a Human’s Weakness $7 -Episodes One and Two: (it’s a deal y’all) $13 Purchase includes physical comic plus digital access to full Radioplays!



Episode One: Senator Fatcat is a Tom on the brink, a cat dogged by his father’s legacy. Episode One chronicles his fateful yet fraught meeting with the brilliant and enigmatic Terrier Sisters Episode Two: Senator Fatcat and the Terrier Sisters ride a crumbling submarine legacy east-bound, to Rexpo 86 and dreams of scientific glory. But what is the true nature of the mysterious machine they ride? What secrets lurk beneath the hull? And just how bad is chocolate, anyway?