Hilde Festerling






Live Offerings 2022

A Giant Schnauzer Named Morte is Not In This Story This 40 minute show makes full use of the Story Laboratory’s 16 musical instruments and sound effects. It is ideal for a seated audience, ages 4 and up. Perfect for school assemblies and summer reading shows. On a hot summer city morning, a little girl named Olivia is on a mission to prove that a kid on a skateboard can beat a 99 Corvette convertible in open race. Two suburbs and a cornfield to the East, her country cousin Sally is wobbling on a balance beam between a nanny goat and an old farm mutt, determined to become the greatest animal circus trainer of all time. It will take resilience, team-work, a farm truck mishap, and one-and-a-half very badly behaved Giant Schnauzers to bring these two cousins together and make their dreams come true. I Know Where Snakes Sleep This 20 minute performance modifies the Story Laboratory to add power tools and snake props to the musical cacophony. It is ideal for a market or festival audience on its feet, engaging for all ages. Grownups don’t understand about snakes. A child peers into their Motorcycle Granny’s workshop, desperate to go in and help Granny with the power tools. But there are snakes in there, terrible snakes, who sleep in a grease-barrel and steal power tools for their own projects. Our child will have to assemble their own arsenal of home-made electric saws and electric wrenches to outwit the snakes, drive them out of the shop, and claim their rightful place in Granny’s workshop. Pandemic Pony
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